Special Issue by the Littlest Watleys, September 2010
Dodo: the Other Other White Meat

A Funny Thing Happened the Other Day...

...Our stalwart editor brought his two great-nephews to visit the office, and for some reason the sight of the bustling newsroom struck their fancy. "If we write some stories for your paper, will you publish them?" they asked with shining eyes. "Of course, little tykes," chortled old Ezekiel, certain that their interest in the Review's unique brand of journalism would fade as soon as they left the premises. But much to his surprise, the two lads diligently toiled for days, eventually presenting their befuddled Uncle Zeke with a stack of neatly lettered napkins and fast-food placemats. Their articles covered a wide range of subjects - politics, astrology, science, the business world, and the energy crisis; the elder boy had even ventured an editorial in Ezekiel's own antiquated patter.

The Watley Review normally does not accept submissions from outside the staff. But Ezekiel Watley is a man of his word. We therefore present this special edition of the Wee Watley Weview, and trust that you shall find it as edifying and informative as we have.

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